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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part III

Judgment XX

Bonnie Moss 2004-08 (c)

after the illusions of the devil, then suffer the shattering effects of the tower, the star,offers hope and inspiration,a chance for you to move on but the the Moon comes along and casts its shadows, its illusions, ...but all is not lost the path leads to the vibrant and hopeful illumination of the Sun. and finally, you tread upon the path of Judgment. i come your way to herald the dawn of a new beginning .i bring forces from the heavens above,it is time for harmony and balance.the time for deliverance from your woes. you are tired and weary you are ready to direct life and apply the lessons you learned when the right moment comes, the right door opens, doubts and fears dissipate, welcome the awakening to a new awareness,that which is no longer of use, let it go. appreciate the inner beauty and wisdom that trials has brought forth. for the trying moments are the dearest, the most precious for it brings out the core of the spirit, the soul. it truly defines self where one retreats to that inner well for courage,for strength let go of pretenses and illusions i symbolize the integration of your higher consciousness and acceptance of the soul, the spirit as the true inner person. it is time to shed the ego, balance the karma that comes from valuable lessons learned. savor your liberation and freedom. here�s a chance for acclaim, promotion, reward, reap what you have sown good health, good karma, a judgment in legal matters seek your truth, do not deny it, no matter how painful. when I turn up ,it is time to cheer and say: yes, yes, I MADE IT!

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