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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part II

The Hanged Man

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-31(c)

Ahhh! why am i bound to this tree? what are the ties that bind my hands how long must i endure will my strength hold, for how long? what do i learn from this? am i the heretic, cords of heresy bind my hands, oh courage,stay with me, that i may find the way so much have i sacrificed, often i wonder what for, and why? i have plunged into the darkness is it a test of the endurance of the hanged man? when i cross your path take a close look at me- feel the peace that i project. down the turbulent road you travel, weary of mind and body, on and on you go but the time has come to find a spot, find respite from these cares. my friend, find a tree with shades of green, feel the warmth of the sun, let your body and spirit savor the freshness of the air, find solace in the arms of the earth, rest, you weary traveller know that some things are meant to be there is a deep well within you, calling to you, for therein, are jewels of insights,light, and courage when you can not find the answers outside, you need to go inwards and confront the battles, raging within your spirit. there is a middle way to find answers, at times your journey teases you and lets you take a wrong turn then leads you back on your path. find your higher self, your spiritual truth i am the HANGED MAN.. rest and wait with me for what is meant for you.

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