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Bonnie Moss 2004-02-7(c)

fear not when i turn up rarely do i signify physical death life is about endings and beginnings, it is always in motion. how dull would life be if the world stood still and nothing changes. transformation and new beginnings i offer when i come your way. painful as it may be, you will not be put to test beyond your limit. at times a self-imposed limitation put to rest the past,think of today and the morrow that is if you will, the choice is yours. put behind you futile matters that serve you not, or hinder your path, or drag you down pain and grief you may endure but at times it is the only way for you to open your eyes, your mind, your heart and see deep into your soul. renew that courage and self-confidence. wake up to the dawn of a bright and beautiful day, greet it with enthusiasm ,with faith, put to rest what you must, banish the anger,the sense of failure, conquer the loneliness ,do not feel forsaken, for you are not... look deep within , let inner peace reign take time to reflect , listen to your inner voice see what life has to offer. amid the havoc it wreaks, think of the calm after a storm, for such is the cycle of the universe it is a great world out there reaching out to you, welcome it with open arms, a tremendous force within awaits, yours is the choice if you let it guide you to freedom and rebirth. let this unfold, from me , the DEATH card.