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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 1

The Chariot

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-18(c)

think of the nature of man, man has his innermost self, his physical body and his emotions when these are in harmony and synchronized,i,the chariot, am in control! i know which way iím headed i have the strength and the power of will. when i come your way, achievement is possible if you balance your inner and outer forces i am a driving force opposite forces confront me, conflicting emotions distract me, with skill and mental alertness, i can focus, and find my way. find the harmony within you. keep your inner spirit strong. this ,i challenge you when i come your way is it possible for the fool to reach me? perhaps,if he were to choose the right path. feel the active and passive force of your nature,it draws you hither and tither.you alone can give direction if you will it, so it shall be. you will know the way. take heed as i cross your path, learn to balance, look within, believe in your own internal magic ride with me, to the path of destiny i am the CHARIOT ARTICLE ARCHIVE
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