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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 1

The Magician

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-15 (c)

the tools i need in this journey called life are before me, within me, surround me, i connect with the forces beyond this earth, i draw from the gifts of the universe, from earth, from air, from fire and from water i bring the power of knowledge with a deep sense of spirituality, i feel your deepest emotions, i offer the mental strength to overcome obstacles..with me, you can achieve success on this earth..trust in the power of light when i cross your path i am the fire in your spirit, i offer the possibility to manifest your destiny and create your reality. there are many paths to find your fulfillment. the choice is yours ,awaken your inner self, draw strength from it, listen well, it will not lead you astray. is magic a fantasy,or an illusion, trust the deep thoughts that your spirit inspire..open your mind, power and success can be yours..above me is the sign of infinity fill your spirit with eternal hope feel the magic as i hold my right hand to the heavens,and my left hand to the earth, as above, so below..may you grasp the grace, the virtue and the light that is offered to you. I am the MAGICIAN

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