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The Intricacies of Relationships

Bonnie Moss 2006-11(c)

Lovers VI

Love is a quality of God. Lovers of God, sometimes a door opens, and a human 
being becomes a way for grace to come through..RUMI

Pay close attention to the message a tarot card presents you with. Reach beyond the 
physical/ material plane and delve deeper into the soul, spirit and the Higher self.

There are countless tarot decks- tarot enthusiasts and masters alike have their own 
preference. Parallel readings using two separate decks can offer deeperinsight and wisdom.

Templar deck:
A choice to make between loyalty and independence. Relationships entail following the 
path to obedience and established authority. Is this at the risk of self-reliance and purpose, 
knowing that choices can be right or wrong? Does a relationship serve the higher self?

Golden Dawn:
Can inspiration come with lovers? Can impulse be the driving force and motivator?

Arthurian Legend 
A chance to blossom into a balanced and valuable relationship, not necessarily include 
the sexual aspect. Deep emotions are shared, reach a mutual understandin and trust that 
will allow the flow of harmony, enveloped in ease and comfort in each otherís company.

To all lovers...
This world would be lonely without love and lovers. Relationships carry the important 
function of blending the physical/material needs with the emotional, the psychological 
and the spiritual side.

What do you offer in a relationship? Going into a relationship blindly often spells 
disaster. It does not mean that one has to prepare a checklist before getting into a 
relationship. This spoils the spontaneity.

What moves you to accept a commitment and get involved ?
   - urgings of the flesh, physical attraction;
   - dazzled by the glitter of material wealth, success and social status; 
   - to battle loneliness or a rebound from a  broken relationship; 
   - a meal ticket; or out of sympathy
   - a matter of convenience
   - love

There are many facets to a relationship. Each day brings surprises- some are exciting, 
some can be challenging.Underlying issues surface when most unexpected. Face these 
before it gets blown out of proportion. Deal with these issues. Is it emotional, physical, 
sexual, health, cultural, social, psychological, financial or hormonal? Yes, do not forget 
the role of  hormones. 

Financial and economic problems can be devastating if these are not taken cared of. 
Honesty about the financial state of a relationship is important. 

Don't let the flame of romance die. Express your passion through sex, savor the ecstasy. 
Sex is an integral part of a loving relationship. A fulfilling sex life can bring wonders to 
lovers that goes beyond the physical state.

When two people can not discuss issues, tension builds up. Discord settles in. This 
opens wide the portals of discontent and temptation. Apathy becomes a shield. The 
love that once brought two people together turns sour and bitter.

In anger, things are blurted out without thinking.Issues surface reflecting  inner 
insecurities, doubts and worst- fears. Anger is a tool to vent frustrations which at 
times is not related to what started it. 

Words are the cheapest commodity but can bring about the most damage in terms 
of emotions, physical well-being, mental and spiritual health. Words blurted out in 
anger can open deep wounds. Words that drip with malice can reverberate for 
a long time.

Sometimes, what we tend to dislike or disapprove in the other may reflect an inner 
conflict that has been simmering, just waiting to boil over.

Going separate ways is an easy way out. When lovers find a mutual bonding, 
respect and love for each other, the channels of communication are open. This 
paves the way to a peaceful, harmonious and loving relationship. This gives strength 
to both as their love deepens.This is empowering.

Relationships founded on mutual love, faith and respect tend to ride out the stormy 
days. There will be times of conflict, difference of beliefs and opinions which can end 
up in a screaming fight. But deep love can hold lovers together against all odds.

May your relationship be peaceful. May faith and love light your way and keep you 
strong. Happinessis forever.

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