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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 1

The High Priestess

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-15 (c)


i am the spiritual bride and mother i sit between two pillars, the opposites, there is life, there is death. delve deep into the mysteries of life, search your soul, your spirit, what lies behind the veil? many stand in my courtyard thinking they have entered my domain, how misled they are! beware of the danger of little knowledge the Magician offers his skill and ability with his dynamic power i offer no less, but with subtlety and deeper insight. out of the forces of this life and from nature. with me, you can go deeper into the innermost secrets of life, unspoken longings of the soul, in my hands are the secret doctrines. listen to me, i am your higher self, i am a symbol of the mysterious. a true and dedicated Seeker of truth pursues me. behind the veil are secrets yet to be revealed. come with me into the realm beyond, fill your spirit with harmony this i offer as the HIGH PRIESTESS For your convenience, read more tarot articles:

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