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First Things First

from 2000

First Things First
2000 Excerpts

It is a never-ending battle to stay motivated, to instill self-discipline and keep my mental
strength, or should I say will power? 

GOALS: For myself, for 2000

ACCOMPLISH one thing each day,no matter how small,like keep the kitchen floor clean,
write something each day and meditate.

IGNORE nasty attitudes- let it be.Breathe peace and harmony, not anger. 

CONFRONT my fears- deal with my insecurities or it will control me.
Release them, surrender them to the Universe.

GREET each day with a positive attitude, be thankful for another day,whatever 
it may bring,no matter how trying- don't give up!

DREAM a bit. Sometimes I think I have forgetten how to daydream.

IF I have nothing good to say about anyone, I will keep my mouth shut.
           Don't stab at the back. 

PRAY, PRAY and pray some more. Believe in the power of prayer, but stay 
away from begging,pleading.Pray in the spirit of thanksgiving.

MANIFEST my destiny, co-create my destiny.I believe I am made in the image 
and likeness of God. 

LOVE is the answer- whatever I do or give to anyone, I give out of love .Love is kindness,
understanding , being open-minded, forgiving and more. 

2005: Five years have gone so fast;I can say life is good. Life is peaceful.Reading this
 lifts my spirit. So much have changed since 2000,I learned to be true to myself and nurture 
my spirit, herein lies my strength.Read my affirmation for 2005 and years to come.
My Affirmation

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