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Major Change Comes Knocking
Bonnie Moss 2006-03(c)

Major Arcana- Death Card XIII

Fear not when i turn up rarely do I signify physical death. Life is about endings and beginnings, life is always in motion. How dull would life be if the world stood still and nothing changes....BMoss

At one point and time in life, we go through a major transformation hopefully mostly for the better. It can be a conscious choice, it can be from a crisis, or a totally unexpected change. A major change in life can bring an important message worth paying attention to. Some can say their life will never be the same.

What brings about these transformations? Relationships, career changes, family matters from happy times to sad times, illness, grief, material difficulties, an accident, unfulfilled dreams, bottled up frustrations that finally decide to pop the lid. A winfall can do it in a big way, especially for one who never had so much cash.

A traumatic experience can trigger an extreme and dramatic transformation. It is said that dramatic changes in life happen for a reason. At the moment of confusion, this is hard to comprehend. Guilt, anger and fear obscure the vehicle for transformation.

Some people will strive to rise from the fall and move on. Some recognize the opportunity for spiritual growth. This can be a major transformation. It actually can bring about a major lifestyle change. Some would embrace this opportunity and treasure the nuggets of life long lessons.

Some see the chance to pursue their dreams and why not? At this point, what else have they got to lose? They are the troopers who find opportunity when problems come their way. To them, it is a stepping stone to greener pastures.

Armed with the experience and knowledge theyíve gained, they explore and expand their horizons. They are able to re-invent themselves. They welcome the chance for a change.The change becomes a tool to evolve into a better person.

After facing and surviving a life-changing crisis,one must move on. There are some who may not find the way. This is most unfortunate. It seems like they dig deeper into the mire. Tragic, but it happens. This is a critical time, a time to seek counsel. A time to reach out to someone. Consider seeking assistance from community services if there is no family to turn to.

But please donít think that the world is cruel. Amazingly true, in very trying times, hearts open, hands reach out from total strangers. Donít feel that youíre all alone. Youíre not.It is important to step back and think your way out of a dilemma. It is not the time to make hasty decisions. Consider the options carefully. Treasure the nuggets of insights, the lessons learned when life presents us with major transformations. And on to the next chapter of life.

Have faith and believe in yourself.

The sun always shines brighter after a storm.

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