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 The Language of Tarot

The Bottom Card
by Bonnie Moss   2004-09 ©

Why bother with the bottom card? 

Tarot cards are not just another deck of cards, of pictures, 
of images and symbols, or representation of the artist's
feelings,beliefs and emotions.It is an expression of their
deepest thoughts, from the depths of their soul, created over
many, many hours. It is truly an inspired labor of love. 

The client shuffles the cards to add personal vibration to the reading. Some clients have strong energy, powerful thoughts that they leave with the deck as they shuffle.The usual practice of cutting the deck into three piles and pile it back into one, then hand to me is a process for the client and I to get centered on the reading.

It is this simple ritual that connects the cards to the querent and allows that extra time to focus on the readings. For readings via the internet, I shuffle the cards with the personal information as the main focus and then cut the deck.My e-mail readings are succesful. I find that I have more time to let the cards “talk” to me.

Tarot cards are helpful in clarifying underlying issues or doubts, validate that which we already are aware of. This food for thought sheds light on the direction to pursue. It shows the current energy around the querent at the time of reading.

Tarot shares its wisdom with those who seek it, but ultimately, I emphasize that we are responsible for our decisions and our actions, that nothing is etched in stone. After a reading, I take a deep breath, take another glance at the cards and see if I’ve overlooked anything. Whether I'm reading in person or via the cyberspace, I take a few moments to reflect on the reading, the wisdom shared by the cards.

The mystery of the tarot cards never cease to amaze me- some readings do not reflect the answer the querent hopes to hear. It may lead the querent to think of an i ssue furthest from his/her mind.

When this happens in a reading and the querent gives me that puzzled look. I always take a look at another card for confirmation. This is where I have learned to look at the bottom card, instead of choosing a random card from the deck. Or at times, I get that “nagging” feeling deep within,I draw upon whatever insight I can one more time from another card. Again, prompts me to start taking a look at the bottom card.

This card helps to weave together the wisdom of the cards; for a one-card reading, it adds extra dimenison to the reading. It supports the wisdom the cards reflect, or highlights an issue that could have been missed. I do inot need to take a “peek”at another card to confirm what‘s presented before me.

No matter what spread I use, the bottom card provides a summary, a validation, an advice, or presents a different angle to the answer, or highlights an underlying issue yet to be dealt with.

The bottom card is indeed extremely helpful, whether it is one-card, three cards or a more complex spread. I respect the additional insight,wisdom or unexpected dimension to the reading. The bottom card puts it all together.

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