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by Bonnie Moss 2003-10

Fire rages,
Water gets tempestuous,
Air blows fiercely,
I am Mother Earth
I am firm under your feet,
I offer my embrace
I bring solace and comfort
I can touch your Spirit
for all begins and ends with Me

...Bonnie Moss
 The Suit of Pentacles/ Coins/Disks 

This suit is part of the Minor Arcana. The Minor cards deal with the human psyche, 
that which is inherent in the human mind, the objective and at times unchangeable. 
It represents the element Earth. 

Pentacles deal with  practicality, material matters and possessions, career/ jobs, 
aspirations and power.
Ace of Pentacles

Feel the unfolding of something new. Let the 
spirit guide you as you seek a path for your 
ideas and ambitions to manifest in the physical
reality,where health and comfort can be yours.This 
is the Universe nodding in approval of your 
efforts Do not forget the magic and sacredness 
within yourself, and all that Earth offers. 

Believe in the powers of the Earth. It offers raw 
energy, take advantage, take the initiative to
fulfill what is offered. 

Find the beauty of your soul, feel the richness
of your Spirit. Feel the embrace of Mother Earth

     Two of Pentacles

Two speaks of duality, a pair of opposites,
gain and loss, fortunate through prudence,
balancing of opposites, a harmonious change 
or choice, understand the dynamics of
 the universe. 

Feel the connection of your Inner being with the
manifest world. Balance the forces within the 
physical realm, prudence will bring realization. 
Recognize the shift in your awareness, 
acknowledge your contribution.

Find the strength to bring all the aspects 
together. If not well aspected,plans will go 
awry with foolishness,carelessness, lack of 
discretion and neglect of your inner being.
In the active world of matter, atune yourself
to the universe, feel a new current of energy,
listen to inner guidance and a chance to 
manifest the longings of your spirit. 

Three of Pentacles

The number three stands for expression and 
synthesis.Experience the strength  of Mother 
Earth in this realm,build and organize as 
you draw from this resource.

Do not be burdened, new insights, new ideas
are before you, new beliefs are opening. 
Believe in yourself, your dreams can manifest 
to reality, if you allow it.
Remember that material gains, power and success
are earthly powers- they may amount to nothing,
leave you with that feeling of emptiness.

Four of Pentacles

Number four offers foundation and stability. 
Obsession with the material world casts the 
spirit to oblivion, with no power. Delve 
deeper into yourself to discover your talents
waiting to take wings. 

Put them to good use or suffer the loss of 
untapped inner resources. Recognize your
strength and weakenesses, 
learn from your mistakes. 
Beware of being suspicious, manipulative, 
restless and discontent, among other things. 
Stop the tendency to brag, and unmindful of 
your earthly responsibilites, to you and 
your loved ones.
Think of a dead tree-that was once thick with 
foliage, laden with fruits.This is disruption 
in the material plane. 

Five of Pentacles

The number five brings with it disruption.
Stress and stagnation surround you- does it 
feel like the Earth is ready to engulf you? 

All around you, the world is cruel, your hopes
and dreams are gone. Remember, man brings 
unto himself trouble and pain to some extent.

Do not look at your dilemma as a punishment
of Fate. Accept the error you made, seek counsel,
for there is strength when we work together.

Deal with the crisis, and move on. However, 
kindness may come to you, even a chance to
regain material loss.But you have to look 
within when the outside world collapses.
Six of Pentacles

Six represents the balanced formation of the
powers of the elements. Ruled by the Moon in
Taurus, this natural cycle enhances the steady 
prosperity and growth of Earth. 

This card signifies certain material wealth 
and prosperity. Share what you have, be aware
of the needs of others, for this gesture will 
blossom into something wonderful for you.

There is a need to balance the scale of where 
the giver and taker gains equally, nothing more, 
nothing less, where both are winners. 

Do not let your success and wealth overcome 
your spirit with arrogance and insolence.
For material success can be overwhelming.
Seven of Pentacles

Unfulfilled.The number seven brings with it
the unexpected, offers deeper insight.Perhaps
it's time to consider a new perspective, a new 

Otherwise,disappointment will lead to misery, 
leave you feelling crushed and defeated, efforts 
unrewarded. That pot of gold at the end of the 
rainbow is out of reach, realization of 
dreams simply will not materialize. Speculation 
at this time is futile. 
However, take the time to re-evaluate your
talents. Acknowledge what is not working and
seek another way.

Always feel the earth under you, stay  grounded
 and focused and stress your personal power.
 Eight of Pentacles

Earth benefits from the number eight. 
It symbolozes the highest spiritual phase of
Mercury who is exalted in Virgo, thus shedding
mercurial practical influence on material projects. 
However, be aware of the tendency of nit-picking, 
paying too much attention to minute details 
at the expense of obscuring the big picture and 
missing the oppurtunity at hand.

This is unwise use of energy. There is a need 
to go outside yourself to find yourself, to gain
mastery. Define your talents and limitations. 
Find new ways to express yourself.

Nine of Pentacles

 Favorably ruled by Venus in Virgo, it is time 
to bask in the material prosperity and popularity.
When this number comes around, it means completion!

It gives information on the hidden influences
that are not detected. Feel good about your
accomplishments, acknowledge your success,
enjoy it. 

You have accomplished your dreams . You are
comfortable in your solitary enjoyment and 
contented with yourself. 
However, do not forget your inner self, without
this, the feeling of emptiness  clouds your 
physical life.

Know that you can look after yourself. Nurture 
what you have, bloom like a well tended garden.
When you love and acknowledge yourself,you have
something precious to share with others.

Learn to express this in all things, big and
 small with your very personal stamp, know 
that you make a difference.
Ten of Pentacles

This number represents renewal through a new
cycl from lessons learned.It offers a position 
of great material gain and prosperity. 

It speaks of physical manifestation of dreams,
hopes and desires. It offers completion. Sadly, 
it does not go beyond the material manifestation.

Life does not feel complete without the richness
of the Spirit, the Soul.

There is lack of connectedness.You have done 
well with your material pursuits, enjoy the comforts 
with your family. Find that connecting link within 
yourself, without this, it is an empty existence.

Embrace everything this earth has to offer,
but go within yourself, for it is something 
important.It is above the pleasures and comfort
derived on the material world.

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