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A Dedication to the Heroes of September 11

The Heroes of 9/11 and Their Tragedy

September 11 will always be remembered
for its tragedy.

It's no longer just the tragedy of its 
victims-but its heroes as well. I remember 
looking at pictures of groups of strong 
men, working, walking with  their faces 
and uniforms covered in soot- or something 
that looked like soot.It was black.

Determined and dedicated men who were 
there to help. The publicity was great. 
They took center stage with the 
politicians and media. And rightly so.

The search and rescue work did not 
last just for days. The whole world 
knows how long it took. We know the 
many, long hours these rescue workers 
spent at the site. And they stayed 
for as long as they were needed.

Yes, they were strong men- then.

I watched a documentary on television
at the eve of the 5th anniversary 
of 9-11 on the health problems that 
have befallen these heroes.They are
suffering from respiratory ailments
and other complications.
It brought tears to my heart . 

I am not from the United States of America.
But my heart goes to these men who 
were once lauded as heroes. Years 
after their heroic deeds,so many of 
them are tragically ill as a consequence 
of being "there" when they were needed 
most-the heroes of 9-11. 

They are paying with their health and 
their lives! This is very tragic. 
The air they breathed and worked 
under was declared at the time 
as "at safe levels." Obviously, 
it was not.

If I get the news correctly- many 
have already died. Many more are 
near death's door; many are left 
to fend off for themselves as their 
medical bills are piling up; many 
more are no longer able to work, 
debilitated, incapacitated, poor
and almost forgotten.

They are fighting for their lives.

What would it take for a nation 
and society to come to the rescue 
of these heroes and their families? 

Who takes responsibility for not 
ensuring their safety while they worked 
under the intense heat and thick clouds
of smoke? 

Who was supposed to monitor the safety 
of the environment after such a devastating 
explosion and destruction of the 
twin towers?

There seem to be much more work dedicated 
to building a memorial to the site than 
looking into the tragic plight of 
the heroes of 9-11.

These are people who gave their lives 
to help. They did what they had to do 
with courage and dedication.

They witnessed many of their colleagues 
die or fall at the site. These incidents 
did not stop the thousands more who 
came to the rescue. 

They were there when they were 
needed most.

Let society not forget them.

With my prayers and thoughts...   

         Bonnie Moss