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Where's Your Spirit
Bonnie Moss (c)June 05

Spirit- a word we all use. But, do we really comprehend what it is?

Put your spirit into what you do. Yeah!!! Lift up your spirits,why is it down in the first place? Defeated, but not vanquished- relates to the triumph of the spirit over the physical. It was the call I needed to start listening and nurturing my spirit.

I can not see, I can not touch my spirit, but I can feel it. There was a time when I did not pay attention to the inner stirrings within me. I was stressed out, I made decisions and choices in haste which led to some chaos.

I had the tendency to feel edgy, irritable and unreasonable.Looking back, I did not nurture my spirit. I did everything in a hurry, time was always in short supply. It did not have to be that way. I did not know better. My doctor kept telling me this is a type A behaviour, but he didn't show me how to slow down. I know now I always had a strong spirit- in the face of crisis.

I manage to keep a cool head, remain level-headed especially when others depended on me. That is when I took a moment to collect my thoughts and draw upon an inner force.But- a day can change one's life. When I felt the world was letting me down, I withdrew away from society, feeling forsaken, guilty and taken advantage of.

I started to look deeper within, read inspirational books, listened to soul music and allowed myself plenty of quiet time and immerse in my solitude. I went back to reading books on metaphysical topics that has always fascinated me.I tried to go back to church which gave me no comfort. Thanks to the internet, I expanded my world into a realm beyond the reach of petty chatter and cheap shots.

The wisdom of the ages is there for all to learn from and to share. Now I understand how important it is to be connected to my spirit, to find inner peace and calm. I learned to be happy to greet each new day with gratitude, count my blessings and not spend my day worrying about the concerns of this life.

I learned to simplify my life, distinguish my needs from my wants. True, we need money for the necessities of life, sans the excesses. Of course money does make life easier. But accumulation of financial wealth is no longer what my life is all about, especially if it is at the cost of my health and well-being.

I now appreciate the beauty of nature, enjoy a quiet time sitting under the shade of a tree, enjoying the sweet caress of a gentle breeze on my cheeks, listening to the birds and watching the hummingbird frantically flapping its wings. I no longer feel guilty about doing nothing now and then. I need this "doing nothing" time to connect and to nurture my spirit.

I'd be lost without my spirit. Where is your spirit?

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