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October 2006
How did I feel when I opened my eyes this morning? Actually, I felt fine, ready to get 
up and start my day.It is towards the end of October.It's still dark at 6:30 AM I waited 
till 7 AM to get up, I know I need to start a fire to get the house warmed up. I wonder if 
there is enough firewood inside.I should have checked last night.It was not as bad as 
I thought when I got down.Hmmm... must be a bit warmer outsideNovember..another 
month, almost the end of 2004.

Quote of the month:  RUMI 

Till we are persuaded to stop and step aside out of the prospect 
of things,it will be impossible to make the right adjustment of ourselves.
The wise is he who from time to time withdraws from the crowd 
and looks at it from the point of the eternal.    

We all need to take time off our daily routine, chores, commitments, and even from 
our loved ones. I call this my sacred space and sacred time. I am surrounded by the 
beauty of Mother Nature, a beautiful view of the lake, serenity,and lots of fresh air.I 
offer to you, my reader,a brief moment of peace and tranquility, try to visualize the 
beauty of a lake, surrounded with trees, rocks, the far shore offers a picture perfect 
mass of evergreens, a  burst of golden glow of autumn colors that meet the glittering 
sun on the horizon. Enjoy the mirrored beauty of the reflection  on the calm waters of 
the lake. Feel the serenity of the moment. Take in a few deep breathes of fresh air
wafting around your being, why not be brave and dip your feet into the pristine waters 
of the lake.  Err...perhaps the water is a bit too cold now.