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by Bonnie Moss 2003-10

..dancers lost in ecstasy, sways gracefully this way and that radiating warmth and passion on and on they dance, oblivious to echoes from the distant world... feel the power of the energy I am the Fire In Your Spirit

by BMoss

The suit of Wands represent the element Fire.It speaks of power, authority, special talents, creativity, inner self,vision, along with the passion to pursue. It is related to Jung’s intuitive function. Fire has a transforming energy,strongly indicating the power of the Will, fire reflect dynamic forces available, the ability to reach deep into the Spirit for guidance . As with any force, balance is needed to bring out the best a Wand card has to offer. Unrestrained, the energy follows the path of confusion .

Ace of Wands

I am the force of creativity. I offer encouragement and
inspiration. bring energy to add “spark”to your life.
I pave a new path, carve out a fresh plan, but yours
is the choice to act or not.Savor the beauty of Nature,
flow with the Universe,Live in the NOW. But listen,
listen to your Inner self, for it will not lead you astray.
But, be wary, for too much energy brings over confidence,
even carelessness, and too much power.Tread cautiously,
reign in the force, but act, for something special is
in store, a chance to reach that goal, even healing
of deep wounds. Follow through or my offer may pass you by.
Appreciate yourself,reflect on the good things,
and blocks will dissipate.Open the door to the power
and light of your inner selfand the Mystery of Life.
Unlike the Fool ready to step over the precipes in his
innocence,this card stands for one who is ready to forge
ahead with full knowledge and preparation to
face what lies ahead.

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