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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 1

Bonnie Moss 2004-01 (c)

Tarot is more than just a deck of cards. The artwork ranges
from fascinating, inspiring, awesome ,sublime ,to the
ludicrous , ridiculous , even gruesome.
This is the true beauty of the tarot, allows one to express
one's fascinations, deep stirrings of one’s soul, encourage the
psyche, the imagination to explore one’s fanaticsm, one’s
fantasies and reveal beliefs, hopes and dreams .

The Major Arcana of the tarot depict images, characters
that convey deeper meanings,messages, insights and delve
deep into the soul, reveal the shadows, the secret longings
or pain, fears as well as hopes , may even point to
possibilities one has never thought of.
Tarot is rich in symbolism, and shrouded in mystery.
It offers choices on which decisions can be based.
Add to this the application of numerology, astrology,
add the tree of life for those who have studied and
understand this subject, the possibilities are endless.
As one tarot writer puts it, it shows the keys,
choose which door it fits.

As in real life, if one finds out what makes the other
“tick”, the relationship is so much richer.
To me, tarot is poetry.

Major Arcana: there are 22 cards
Cards 1-7: deals with who we are, what we are or can be,
what we deal with in our material, physical world.
Cards 8-14: forces , energies, influences beyond our control
Cards 15-21:what is meant to be will

1- The Magician 2- The High Priestess 3-The Empress 4- The Emperor 5-The Hierpphant 6-The Lovers 7-The Chariot

The Fool

i dance to the rythymn of the wind,
hum with the sound of the waves,
walk with confidence on this earth,
keep the fire in my spirit burning,
i am both empty and infinite,
i am free ,free from worries and care
I am the FOOL

Life is an adventure, tread cautiously every step,
or throw caution to the wind.
what you need in this life surrounds you,
if only you open your heart and your mind
each step you take won’t always be safe,
take heart for you have the courage within
if you have faith, if you believe in yourself
each day is a new beginning;
no one knows what lies ahead,
every experience,every challenge
offers bits of treasure.
seek a new path, or tread the old,
if it’s meant to be it will be
do not walk with a heavy heart or
your burden will weigh heavier

But…at times
The Fool that I am, details bore me,
i care not for struggles, aimlessly I wander.
opportunities I miss, I wear a mask ..
that of a jolly fellow,
to hide my insecurities,
the world passes me by.


the tools I need are before me,
within me, surround me
I connect with the forces beyond this earth,
I bring the power of knowledge
and ability to create
I light the fire of the spirit,
I offer the possibility to manifest
your destiny and create your reality

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