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Tarot Health Cards

Author not identified

If youíre like me, I get carried away accumulating reference material, I call this information 
overload. Thank goodness for computers, at least I can keep them in my hard drive or 
better yet, copy them  to a disc, or else, I will run out of shelf space.

The downside, sometimes, the source of information is not marked on my copy.This article 
on Health cards is an example- it is a good reference material, but I have no idea who wrote it, 
or where I copied it from. The following material shows no reference as to the authorship, 
I hope I'm not intruding.It is worth sharing so, read on:

In a reading, when health issue comes up in the interpretation of the cards, this does not 
preclude the necessity of  professional advice- not at all. When a complex spread is used, 
combination of cards may  provide more insight into the health status of the querent.

What  tarot cards reveal about health:

May indicate pregnancy or female health issues,  reproductive issues in general.
For  example: abortion and miscarriages would also be in this category  like getting 
tubes tied or testicle problems  for men.
Someone may opt to look to GOD for their healing and think  Iímleaving my illness in 
God's hands. If Iím supposed to be cured He will do it. This can be going to religious 
church for prayers and hands on touch healings. Spiritual healing is needed, maybe,
more then the physical.
This is about choices that need to be made about your health, needing to choose between 
two of something, maybe two different doctors, needing a second opinion, two  different 
methods of treatment or two medicines being taken, or getting a  disease or illness from 
your lover A couple can passing sickness back and forth. This would be a good card
possible of mononucleosis (the kissing disease) or VD's because you would have 
to have sex to pass it to each other.               
  car sickness.
This covers illness overall, if upright health and strength to overcome illness and good 
immune system. Reversed, Strength can mean the body is becoming weaker by the day.
Immune system not doing good. Also the health  of  a cat is here that needs to be looked into.

 Indicates a need to use moderation and balance in your food and lifestyle or sickness can 
result. Also the possibility of suing or having a legal action  result over a health issue. Most 
likely someone is suing a doctor for malpractice or something like that.
 A serious life threatening illnesses like cancer,AIDS, illness that would have death hanging 
over you. Also can indicate constipation. Sometimes this can show a  change for the better
in health, bringing on the end of sickness and the beginning of better health. The end to 
the illness, in otherwords.
 Stands for peace and moderation in everything is needed for your health and  to  be in good 
shape. Drink your 6-8 glasses of water daily.Combining of two different doctors or medicines 
could be what helps you because the two different methods will work in tune with each other.
Usually shows use of drugs needed or being used. Watch out for  VD. Can also be  a person 
living the life of SEX. DRUGS, AND ROCK AND ROLL!
Can be sign of stroke, heart attack, migraine headache, lightening cancer or other disease, 
that gets you suddenly.
Can be signs of female, gynecological problems; emotional problems. There can be hidden 
health problems not  being noticed or seen as of yet. This would be a good card for AIDS or
Cancer because they usually are hidden for years before they manifest symptoms, well  
AIDS can go for years before it shows  but cancer can be a bit quicker to show results.
Can be a a pregnancy or issues with children's health.Also full  recovery and wellness
can be expected.

Traveling long distances for treatment in other countries or lands to see doctors 
or taking medicines from another country.  A  doctor from a distance might be your saving 
grace. Wholeness and completion. This would remind me of someone who's been on 
some kind of medical treatment and is now fully recovered and will be off the treatment or 
med's soon. They are complete.
MINOR ARCANA                                
  6 of WANDS:
Casn be illness from the past comes back, or methods, med's or doctors used in the 
past will be used in the future. A childhood disease, like chicken pox, measles etc.                 

 7 of WANDS: tests are being done. This is a card of being tested so test would
                be  a good card for this one.
 9 of WANDS: can be head injuries, maybe headaches., migraine
10 of WANDS:  back, knees and spine problems, also hernia's.

 8 of CUPS: I get the feeling that something is missing from the diet when I see 
this card. Someone withdrawing from their doctor maybe on the search  for a new one, 
becoming immune to a certain medicine, or walking away from  treatment or of taking
 the med's that need to be taken.

PAGE of CUPS: Birth of a baby. A young person with a drug or drinking  problem. 
Emotional problems, usually from family issues or a child of divorce. Problems at school etc.                
A young person with an emotional problems, drinking or drug  issues.

QUEEN of CUPS : emotional problems, drinking or drug problems.
KING of CUPS: emotional problems, drinking or drug use.             
         (All the court cups would be the same category but different level, child,
                 young adult and grownups, king and queens.)
2 of SWORDS: eye problems.

3 of SWORDS: heart, blood, or lung problems, AIDS, heart attacks, heart  transplants, 
heart surgeries, asthma, emphysema, blood transfusions, leukemia.
4 of SWORDS, Sickness and hospital connections. Any sickness that would  make you 
bed bound or need to be put in the hospital. Sea sick, psychocomatic.
 7 of SWORDS: someone could be doing something purposely to you to make you
         sick, I would say this card could mean poisoning, by another.
This   would be the card of that one disease of mothers that purposely make their kids
 sick and then try to heal them, so the mothers feel wanted. Perfect  card  for this.

8 of SWORDS. Going on a restrictive diet, Losing weight. Eye  problems.

 9 of SWORDS: An illness that would keep you up at night from the pain or  the  
 symptoms of the disease (I get this a lot my asthma will make me have to be  up late 
nights cause when I lay down I have a harder  time breathing) Stomach related 
problems brought on through worry and sometimes ulcers. Minor  surgeries. Some 
say miscarriage for this card too or the health of a  mother  not doing well.
10 of SWORDS: back pain, paralysis, needles, acupuncture, chakra's.
 2 of COINS: being pregnant with twins, with the empress around. Moods, diet roller  coaster.

4 of COINS  headaches

5 of COINS: broken bones especially on the legs or feet usually  requiring crutches and casts.
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