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 Psychic Protection
by Malcolm Moorhouse

The direct translation of the word clairvoyance 
is clear sight.It is defined as the ability to 
perceive or even see with the mind’s eye
something that is going on in a remote location 
without any previous knowledge of the event. 

Most paranormal professionals and enthusiasts 
believe that psychic ability resides (albeit
unlocked)within every human being.

Their belief is that most people do not tap 
into their clairvoyance because they are 
either too unaware or unwilling to unveil it, 
and that it takes perseverance to develop 
one’s own personal psychic abilities. 

In other words, everyone has a second sight but 
it has to be awakened. Don’t worry – you don’t
have to obtain a tarot reading or call a psychic 
phone reading line. It just takes some introspection.

There are two basic types of clairvoyant abilities ,
voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary clairvoyance 
is generally seen as a good, positive thing whereas
involuntary is usually considered dark, negative, 
and possibly even dangerous. 

Most psychics maintain that voluntary clairvoyance 
is obtained through good, healthy, and generous 
living, plus the willingness to reach deep within 
one’s own psyche and see invisible things.

Involuntary clairvoyance is forced upon its victim, 
and the person has no control over when and 
where it happens. In this state, the involuntarily 
clairvoyant person is generally believed to be open
to malevolent spiritual influences and may face 
the danger of being totally possessed by a 
malicious being.

Many people trying to develop their clairvoyant 
abilities tend to assume that once they have had 
a breakthrough, they will now know everything 
that is going to happen for the rest of their

Learned psychics urge: This is not the truth!
It takes caution and proper cultivation of the 
psychic abilities to have a healthy connection 
to the unseen world. It is also important not to
push your limits or the limits of the unseen energy
surrounding you.

People who study the paranormal insist that to
do so is to play with fire and possibly invite dark 
influences into your life. These people usually
put it something like this: In the physical world, 
things are not as subject to change as they are
in the unseen world or – as some call it –
the world of desires. 

Because of this, professional clairvoyants and 
students of the paranormal world insist that people 
serious about developing their clairvoyance be trained
before they try anything too advanced.

Many parapsychologists suggest that human beings 
are born clairvoyant and most remain so at least for
the first year of life. Dependent on his or her 
environment and his or her own development of
personal spirituality, the child may maintain this 
increased level of sensitivity or see it diminish, if not
disappear entirely. 

These psychics suggest that it takes positive 
clairvoyance to truly and accurately interpret the
unseen world, and warn against the accidental 
cultivation of negative energy and involuntary or 
negative clairvoyance that invite negativity and
evil influences into the lives of everyone involved.

Clairaudience is a similar type of psychic ability, 
except that it entails hearing things that are otherwise
 invisible or inaudible to other people. 

Considered by many psychics to be the voices of 
spirits in another world, most people claim to hear 
the voices in their minds or “inside” their heads, 
rather than through their physical ears – although 
some claim to hear as though it were from the physical
world, despite the lack of a sensory source.

About The Author: Malcolm Moorhouse is a professional 
psychic,tarot and astrology reader with over 16 years 

Web Sites: © Malcolm Moorhouse 2006

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