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By Patricia Darrow, Astrologer

The greater our ability to link up with the subconscious mind, the more psychic we will become. One of the first rules is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. Remember, the first answer on a test is almost always correct.

Your first psychic impression is almost always correct. I remember receiving as impression to not proceed through an intersection, even though the light was green. I had a strong inner feelings to stop and wait. Although it was rush hour traffic, I stopped and waited. A car ran the red light. If I had not paid attention to that warning, I could have been very seriously hurt. I could list numerous occasions when I have had a feeling which came to me and I dismissed it, only to regret later.

Never dismiss your inner thoughts and feelings as mere imagination. Your inner self is trying to communicate to you. You benefit by paying attention.

Sometimes the knowledge comes in the form of clairsentience, or "clear feeling". It can direct you to things you want as well as warn. For example, I wanted a particular blouse but they did not have it in my size in the store. Several months later, in another town, I stopped at another branch of the store and found the item I wanted on sale. It was the correct color and size. If I had not followed the impression to stop, I would not have what I desired. We all experience it at one time or another in our lives. But, all too often, we ignore and miss opportunities.

Clairsentience is usually the first psychic sense to be developed and it involves feelings received from the higher self. For example, a psychic may tell about their personality traits of some person, by feeling that these traits do exist in the person.

A client’s feeling of discontent with job or relationship will come across as a feeling of restlessness or frustration. If a client feels confined by a set of circumstances, the reader will feel confined. I remember reading for a person and telling her that I felt that her son was very confined and felt like he was in a very small space. She told me that he was serving time in prison. A depressed client will make the psychic feel depressed and tired. The same transfer may occur with physical illness. For example, the client is ill or asks about a sick relative, sometimes the psychic will feel very weak or feel the actual pain of the person seeking the reading.

If the person asks a question like, "Will I get married next year?", a warm or cold feeling will result. The feeling is like your hand in water, warm or cold. From it, one can tell if the event is likely to occur. If cold, the answer is no, of course, However, the event will more likely occur if the feeling is warm. When you get a negative or cold feeling from a person, trust that impression. They may be depressed, negative, selfish or may not have your best interest at heart. Often these feelings are dismissed as insignificant.

At first, 90% of the information you receive will be through clairsentience. Most people expect to begin their psychic development by seeing pictures and hearing voices. First psychic impressions very rarely, if ever, are such vivid sensations. If you ignore your "clear feelings" and expect a visual or auditory display immediately, you will be disappointed. All good things come with practice and patience. But, like anything else, you must work at it consistently. There are no short cuts. Begin to pay close attention to your feelings, since this will provide you with valuable psychic information about yourself and others. Remember, the more you attune yourself to your feelings and those of others, the clearer the impression. If you feel good about something, act on it. If you do not, postpone it for another time. Flowing with your feelings will help actualize your best possible future. Sometimes your conscious mind will try to argue. But always follow your first impression. You will find huge rewards.

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