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Sacred Space in the Garden

Bonnie Moss(c) 2007-05

Gardeners have taken their hobby to new heights. A garden is no longer just a place for plants, it has become an extension of the living space-for spending quality time with family, a place for social gatherings, a place to find peace and quiet and more.

Without the confines of a roof and walls, the garden offers an area that is refreshing to accommodate personal and social needs. As short as the gardening season is, gardeners take advantage of whatever time there is to express their creativity, and to find a space for a much needed time for reflection, solitude or just to unwind especially at the end of a hectic day or week.

A sacred space in the garden gives it an aura of serenity. It does not have to be elaborately decorated. But, there are things worth considering when planning for a sacred space in your garden. Simplicity can be absolutely elegant and stunning.


Would you prefer a quiet corner, away from prying eyes. Do you imagine others sharing few precious time with you, or would rather be alone. How about a showpiece- to let onlookers know, hey, this is a spiritual corner. With good planning, your sacred space can be all these.

What time of the day is suitable for you to spend in your sacred space? How much time will you be able to spend? Are you willing to share time and space with others? Does time really matter?

Every year, there are more and more decorative items in the market. A comfortable bench is a must, think of the many hours you will spend just enjoying the breeze, the scents from the garden, the colors and the beauty around you.

Candleholders come in so many varieties, size and shapes that will appeal to most. Candles enhance a sacred space,it raises the vibration of the space.

Lighting enhances the garden, it helps to highlight a particular plant, feature or space if arranged properly.

There are so many garden statues to choose from.You like angels? What about fairies, gnomes and the like? Statues of little children can be appealing to some.

Whatever you decide on, use your imagination to create a sacred space in your garden. Make it inviting, let your intuition guide you. Enjoy the time you can spend in this area; enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere.

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