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Do You Hear God
By Bonnie Moss 2006-03 (c)

Do You Hear God?
Sometimes I wonder.

It's that quiet voice that tells me to
take a deep breathe, and surrender my 
cares.Everything will work out. Have
faith,do what you have to do.

It is that peaceful feeling when I look
around and marvel at the beauty of nature;
appreciate the bounty of Mother Earth.
It brings serenity to my life.

It's that sense of accomplishment when I
finish a project, no matter how mundane,
like raking the leaves and see a clean
Or that feeling of elation when I see my 
article accepted and published; or as
simple as cooking a great meal.

It is that sense of wonder as I watch 
flowers bloom, listen to the birds, or
lazily watch the clouds drifting, or
marvel at the beauty of a rainbow.

When things are hairy and scary, it's 
that feeling of strength and courage,
knowing that I can handle it.

Life is full of challenges and surprises.
It helps to foster growth. I understand 
that I will not always make the right 
choices or decisions. 
When I get mad at my loved ones, ready to
invoke the riot act, I feel confident that
all these irritations will come to pass
and that love conquers all.

I hear God all the time, but I have to
slow down, really slow down and listen.

Do you?

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