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Welcome to a Bonnie Garden.

Gardening has become a passion for so many.Sadly, for those in the temperate zones, the gardening season lasts only for a few months. Gardening does not have to stop when winter sets in. There are so many ways a gardener can keep those green thumbs going.


Welcome to a new section of Golden Cup Cafe. This section is dedicated to all who have a passion for gardening. Join me in the exploration of gardening.




Nature's Canvas

Eye of Horus ...made with white rocks
Eye of Horus
Summer blooms bright and welcoming colors .. impatiens just keeps on blooming Impatiens
 Lobelia .. delicate blue lobelia nestled among white rocks
..shade of blue and green Blue flowers
A gardener's pleasure:.. enjoy the beauty of Nature, seek serenity with the gifts of Mother Earth. Cactus

The delicate and fragile beauty of a Christmas Cactus.