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Spring Gardening

Get Excited about Spring Gardening

The ground is still frozen. But it won't be long now and the crocus will peek its beautiful bloom through the thin layer of snow. The crows are very noisy, soon the other birds will be back from their winter break in the sunny South. April showers will come. Soon. The trees are starting to come alive, a walk in the woods will reveal more life waking up. Spring bulbs like the daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and other Spring flowers will soon be a burst of color. And so begins another season of gardening.

Where do you start? Even if you raked the leaves last Fall, there always seem to be a collection of debris. Oh yes, yardwork is calling your attention. As you take out the rake, you may want to check out the rest of your garden tools and other gardening paraphernalia. Sharpen whatever tool needs this. This is the time for a thorough maintenance for your tools and machinery. While the ground is still frozen, take a walk around your yard or garden and see how much work there is. Start a plan of action and priorities. If repairs are needed, like a fence that is wobbly, steps that don't look safe, check these out and get the work done before you start planting. Unnecessary clutter tend to accumulate- worn out lawn chairs, tables and other ornaments that are broken be best taken away. Some of the mulch can be cleared away, but for bedding plants, wait till it gets a bit warmer. Once you are sure warmer weather is here to stay, remove the protective covers of the evergreen and other shrubs.

Clear the mulch and other debris around plants and flower beds, give it a thorough raking with a fan rake. Try to do this before perennials start to peek their heads through. Cut back any old growth from perennials carefully to allow for new growth but be careful that you do not pull up the roots. Do not be tempted to turn over the soil while the ground is still very wet. Weeds do start early. Pull these out as you walk around your garden. Check out your planters for cracks. What is the state of the lawn? Do you need fresh seeds, how much soil, compost and peat moss do you need to get started with your Spring planting? A look ahead at these issues gives you a clearer picture of the work ahead. These maintenance preparations will give you more time to indulge your hobby .

Then, ask yourself what did you like about last year's garden, what worked, what didn't. Perennials do need to be split up, see how much has to be done. This is your garden, dream on and express your creativity in your garden. After a few years of gardening, you are your own expert. Check on line for gardening ideas, there are lots of magazines, the libraries offer volumes of materials on gardening.

Gardening is a very rewarding hobby. Working with the soil helps you to connect with the Earth and helps to get you grounded. Be sure to do some stretching before you start planting or weeding. This means exercise for some muscles you probably have not used over winter. Time in the garden keeps you in touch with your thoughts, even release nagging tensions. Designing your garden gets your creative juices flowing. Your time alone in the garden can serve as your meditation time.

Get excited about gardening this Spring, it is good for mind, body and soul Happy gardening.


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