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 The Language of Tarot
Take a Look at the Past with Tarot

Bonnie Moss (c) November,2011

The past belongs to the past. There are tarot spreads that include a look at the past. Getting over what has passed is challenging. Indeed the past can reveal shadows, fears, anger, triumphs as well as failures. The past can be full of good and pleasant memories. Some events of the past sometimes impacts on the present. The past does have a strong influence on the present.

Only when people feel that the evils of the past will not return and believe that 'things are moving in the right direction' will they be in a position to loosen the bonds of the past, relinquish the impulse for revenge and orient towards the future. Dr Andrew Rigby, Professor of Peace Studies and Director of the Centre for Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Coventry University

There are issues of the past, demons to conquer, failures and many wrong choices and regrets along the way. If only are sad words, but totally of no help. There are shadows that don't want to leave you alone. The present, the future comes along, whether you confront the past or not. Tarot shares its wisdom and insight to help you acknowledge and bless the past , bid it peace and farewell.

Life sometimes take us on a detour. There are issues in the past that can come up without warning. Some things happen that are not in our agenda, and not for us to control. Perhaps, a closer look at a card, clarifies past issues. We know that things happen for a reason. People that cross our paths come for a reason, leave a lesson to learn, or just to share some precious moments. People or events in the past join us in our journey through Life-for better or for worse.

There are hurtful and unhealthy events and some individuals in the past that leave a deep imprint in our core. Betrayal of a sacred covenant between lovers can be devastating for the offended party. This is a cross that weighs heavily and one need to gather all the strength and courage to move on. Relationship issues cover a broad scope. It is said, the one you love can hurt you the most. Domestic abuse and violence still happens. It is no longer kept behind closed doors.There are crusaders who manage to survive and try to help those who are caught in this trap. Friendship has its dark side as well- despite a strong tie that bonds friends. It is understandable that friends share confidential matters . After all, what is a friend for? But, beware, what deepest secrets should you confide to a friend.

Who has not made a wrong choice in life? This is why it is said that hindsight is 20/20. Making mistakes is a learning curve, stepping stones to opportunity. Some of us are highly charged emotionally and reason gets cast to the winds. Many still walk around with the heavy weight of the past.

Sustained anger serves no purpose, it takes you to a dark place , with it comes physical, emotional and spiritual sickness. You open yourself to fear, you ask why, you over analyze. This can not be the foundation of your future decisions. Stop feeling like a victim. There are encouraging stories of those who are able to climb out of the dark place and learn to reach out to others.

Try to let go, learn what you can. This is a challenge, but dwelling on past pain and hurt, mistakes and the like serves no purpose. Let go of the fears and the demons from the past that only serve to make you angry and afraid. Some need to grow up and face the present.

Tarot spreads takes a look at the past:

Three card spread- Three cards are laid down- on the left is the card representing the past. It is a one card that can say a lot about what has passed.

Celtic spread: there are variations to this spread. There is always a card that deals with the past. In this spread, it can reflect the continuity with what has passed , what is passing and the present.

Tetractys spread: the left side of the triangle deals with aspect of how life issues evolve. It shows how there are aspects of a situation beyond our comprehension. On the second layer of the spread, the 5th card, representing the principle of salt , shows that the past is past, only memories are left, it also reveals how the psyche handled the evolution and incorporate the lessons to the present.

Individual spreads- many tarot masters have their own designs, with their own choice of a card designated to represent the past.

Why is it important to take look at the past? You can not do anything about what has passed. But you certainly can do something about the future and move on stronger, healthier , happier and wiser. But first, you have to acknowledge what has passed, especially ones that caused hurt and pain. Do not build a future based on issues of the past, especially fear.

The past belongs to the past. Let tarot help you help you.


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