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An Update to Golden Cup Cafe
Aug. 7,2009 (c)

It has been sometime since I did any update on this website.

Life has dramatically changed. It is over a year since my beloved 
husband passed away. I wished I can say it is easier. But, truth
is, it is not.

Getting used to living alone, doing things alone, going places alone,
always alone. But I know life must go on. I am surrounded by family and
friends, but after they leave, it is all quiet.

Don't get me wrong- I am comfortable with myself.I can companion with
myself, but, someone is missing.

Here I am, moving, finally accepting the reality that I now walk alone.

I am lucky to have a variety of interests- I write, I love gardening,
I play the piano, reading takes a lot of hours and so forth.

My website will  definitely be more updated.

Thank you for your interest in Golden Cup Cafe