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Automatic Writing

What is Automatic Writing

by Bonnie Moss 2003-12

There are different explanations of what automatic writing is
as there are automatic writers. Some consider automatic
writing as �channeling.� Some claim that a state of
trance is necessary to allow �spirit guides� to reach
an expanded state of consciousness to access information
that otherwise will not be available. It is fascinating
that some believe that it is the higher self that engages
in the communication. Others claim it is the spirit of
departed loved ones, there is the danger of a lower entity
that may interfere during the process and may even
be harmful to the writer.

Isn't automatic writing a form of inspired writing that
has made literary greats and artists? It raises the
question as to who are you communicating with?
What is the right process to evoke the best result?
What results are expected from the session?

My automatic writing experience- What is it?

I dared sit down one evening and asked my Guide or
Higher Self to clarify what automatice writing is.
Here is what I wrote and did my fingers fly on the keyboard:
,br> Automatic writing is helpful in gaining knowledge, wisdom and
information sometimes revelations from beyond this physical
world.It is a way of tapping into the higher realm of
consciousness, of thoughts, of awareness. Automatic writing
is not a complicated system. Methods are different for every
individual who practices automatic writing. Sometimes ,
getting prepared preconditions the brain, the mind, it
does not allow for the free flow of thoughts. It is a
communication with the higher self, it is a guide,
an angel ,an entity . Is it possible to invite bad spirits?
It all depends on how the individual is protected or shielded
from negative energies that are around.Yes, it is possible.

Purity of intention is important -just sit down and write.
Yes it helps to have something in mind to write about.
As one gets more practice, it gets more efficient ,
thoughts, ideas will flow. With the advance of computers,
it becomes a little impersonal but it is efficient .

Automatic writing is not for everyone .What questions
should you ask ,what do you want to talk about ,
what is in your deepest thoughts that you seek,
your ideas , your dreams. To connect with your true self,
automatic writing is one way.. Automatic writing is a way
to connect to the deeper strata of the subconscious .
There are lots of information , ideas, inspiration and
guidance that can be accessed . Automatic writing
is one method . This is focusing on this method

Yes, it is important to clear the mind, to say a prayer
to show respect for what is about to occur. It is a
communication , as such,communications should be conducted
with respect.Anticipation hinders the free flow of
thought . You want to contact a loved one from the past,
yes it is possible ,but be aware that sometimes they
are not ready to contact you .You may be interfering
with their state and creates a state of unrest in them.

Ideas will flow freely if one lets them .
Is it your self you are communicating with ?
What do you think?

As you progress in this means of accessing higher plane of
consciousness, there may be important revelations. it will
have nothing to do with the material plane of existence
it will be ideas, principles, inspired writings
and a wealth of information.

This is my take on this topic.You�ve done a lot of writing,
inspired topics, review and rewrite You have a
very viable outlet for your ideas and writings on
your website.This keeps your mind occupied,
it is good for you .This is just an introduction .
Keep at it regularly, and it gets easier and clearer.
Pray for your inner peace and harmony