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Tribute to Eric
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2008 -05

It's been three months since I said my last 
farewell to my dearest husband, Eric.

I tried hard, but I could not get myself to write 
anything about him without tears rolling down my 
cheeks and burst into a crying fit. My pain was 
so deep, I knew that part of me died with him. 
Emptiness engulfed me. 

I had no idea I'd feel so lost and disoriented 
without him.I took pride in being a strong person. 
I managed to keep my wits taking care of him, 
knowing that the end was near.

We talked about death and dying- I was aware of 
his fear of his mortality. We spent many restless 
nights as his will to live kept him going. 

We managed to review his life. I had him focus 
on the blessings that came his way;and the difference 
he made in other people's lives in his lifetime. 
We talked about the good times,for we shared many.

There was the topic of forgiveness. I promised myself
that he will not depart from this life with heartaches
and pain. Yes, he was able to find peace and love.

This is a new beginning. I am back to writing, and I
will write more about Eric,his life, his legacy.
This is just the beginning. I want to share with my 
readers the life and times of Eric.

Obituary and condolences, March 2008, can be viewed at:
Odacre Family

A Final Goodbye


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