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Who's Creating YOUR Reality

Author: Rosella Aranda
Copyright: 2005

"What is happening within us will create what 
happens outside us."

"There is no `out there' out there, independent
 of what  is going on in here."
"We are operating as if today were yesterday."

These quotes are taken from the movie,
"What the Bleep Do We Know?"

This fascinating film demonstrates cinematically 
what the Seth material told us years ago.  Its 
basic premise is that we literally create our
own reality.

If there is conflict, turmoil or frustration in 
our outer experience, the cause lies in the inner 
realm of our minds.Our outer world is nothing more
than an outward manifestation of the mental images 
that we carry.  Most of us have no trouble agreeing
 with this on the surface, but . . .

It's Too Dark in There!

Rather than explore the murky depths of our own 
soul, we would rather continue to look "out there" 
in hopes of finding someone else who might "crawl 
inside our heads" and fix us. 

So we buy the latest and the greatest self-help
package that catches our eye, but in short order 
we're back to where we started from.

Did you know that many people never even use 
the programs they purchase? These people are 
defeated before they ever get started! 

And even for the most determined people who
actually do everything suggested, the results 
have been fragile,artificial and short-lived.
 Why is that?

Ideas Must Be Planted in a Fertile Mind

It's not so much that these reprogramming methods
are faulty. It's just that the people who want
and need these tools lack the basic sense of 
self-worth that would allow any desirable ideas
to take root.

It's almost as if there were an invisible demon 
inside shoveling out the good stuff as quickly as
we can put it in!It's a bit like trying to plant 
flowers in a chalk garden.They will not grow.  

This is why it is crucial to first expose and 
release the underlying subconscious beliefs that
are holding us back. The circumstances behind how
and why these harmful beliefs got lodged in the 
first place are as unique and varied as the 
individuals themselves, so a "one-size-fits-all"
approach won't work.  

You Are a Unique Individual with a 
Unique Personal Tale.

It is only by uncovering the details of your own 
personal history that you will be able to permanently 
"unplug" and disempower your crippling beliefs.

What Are You Going To Do About It?
I'm reminded of a story that I first heard 
years ago on a tape series from one of my favorite
mentors,Dr. Deepak Chopra.  
It goes something like this . . .   

Elephants born in captivity are restrained by a
chain which attaches one of their legs to a metal
spike driven into the ground. This prevents them 
from straying away.  They become accustomed to the
fact that, as long as the chain and spike are 
present, they are unable to move.  

As they grow older, the minds of these baby
elephants become programmed. When they see the 
spike and chain, they "believe" and accept 
that they cannot move.  

They become so conditioned that when their owners 
tie them down with nothing more than a flimsy 
rope to move away, because they are already 
convinced that they can't. 

In truth, their actual power as adults is so 
great that they could easily snap the rope or 
uproot the tree and just walk away with the
whole thing! Their programming, however,
prevents them from even making an attempt.   

Does This Remind You of Anyone You Know?

We are all very much like these elephants. We 
allow severely limiting beliefs, which have 
no basis in reality, to inhibit our actions 
and even our imaginations.  

We are controlled by false childhood assumptions 
we made (or that someone else made for us) about
our ability, power or even our inherent worth.  

Until we muster the courage and the energy to 
seek out and challenge these outdated notions,
we will continue to be as "imprisoned" as
these elephants.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid 
of the dark.The real tragedy of life is when 
men are afraid of the light." - Plato
Rosella Aranda, marketer and writer, helps entrepreneurs
change their  thinking and escape limitations permanently.
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