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Holistic Living

The Power of Simplicity in Holistic Living
© Prem Nirmal

What does it take to live life holistically?

It definitely does not require a degree from well known university,
a high paying job or huge bank balance. Holistic living has nothing
to do with all that!

Holistic living simply means…..

1) To enjoy positive health and wellness with physical body

2) To have sharp and alert mind

3) To have positive emotions such as Zest, Love, Joy

4) To be aware spiritually

Holistic living is all about being human! More and more human!!

The effect of Negative

Majority of people who have had too many negative experiences in
life get stuck with the negative polarity. So, in such cases where
negative polarity is dominant in human experience, living
holistically does take commitment, practice with patience and clear
intention to create balance and evolve wholeness consciously.

Holistic living is to emphasize the positive in all dimensions. To
begin with, create wholeness in the grosser trio of Body-Mind-
Emotions. Once these grosser dimensions are brought in a state of
balance, then we can actualize the more subtle dimensions.

The effect of Positive

A simple practice like smiling more often can have profound impact
on our personality.Smiling is one of the natural and simplest things
we can do. It doesn't cost anything! Scientific studies have shown
the uplifting effects on the mind and emotions from a simple smile.

Conscious attention on the breath is another simple practice. It is
such simple practices as these that can create balance between the
negative and positive polarities. By being diligent in the practice
of life affirmative techniques, we can make a profound shift in our
state of being.

The effect of Kriya

Practice "Tatwa Breathing" (25 connected breaths) or "Elemental
Breathing" consciously. Start it with a couple of deep breaths. Now
start with four short breaths and end with a long breath. This makes
the train of five connected breaths. Repeat such train five times
and you have completed "Elemental breathing". (All 25 breaths should
be connected without stopping in between). Tatwa breathing is based
on the fact that our body is made of five tatwas or elements namely
Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Once these five elements are
balanced within our body, we experience wellness! It is such a
simple practice which does not need any cassette or gadget for
practicing. Also, breathing in such simple way does not even cost
you anything! You do not need to travel to attend any group for
practicing this Kriya. For next few days, simply focus on the
practice of this simple Kriya. Also focus on simplicity with regards
to your holistic lifestyle.

Practice Kriya regularly. It takes less than half a minute to
practice it. You do not have to make any noise while practicing it.
Nobody will know except you about it! You can do it standing,
sitting or sleeping positions. You can repeat it every hour or
anytime you feel you are drifting into negative habit patterns.

The effect of Meditation

Once you practice Kriya which prepares the background, it naturally
throws you in a space of non-thinking, called meditation.
http://www.premnirmal.com/shop.htm  It creates the high levels of
Prana in your body-brain system that makes it easier for you to be
aware of your breath and your thoughts simultaneously. You can
easily get the knack of meditation when you do this Kriya. Simply
remain silent after doing Kriya, and keep your attention on your
natural breathing process. Simultaneously keep witnessing your
thoughts. You will experience very low levels of thought traffic as
in high Prana state thoughts can not linger for long. Even if the No-
thought state remains just for few seconds, you will experience the
surge of energy and vitality, bringing back the positive qualities
of Zest, love and joy!

Half a minute of Kriya and five to ten minutes of Meditation can be
very refreshing during hectic working days, if you plan for these
mini breaks in your work schedule. You can make it a habit of
practicing it consciously before lunch, before tea or before
starting a meeting. It has the power to zoom up your personal
effectiveness. It is bound to reflect in work quality and
productivity going up with effortless ease! This is one of the
easiest ways to manage your stress too!

Through your commitment to practice of Kriya and Meditation,
http://www.premnirmal.com/scofmed.htm  which is to focus in
emphasizing the positive, you will increase balance. That balance is
the basis of wholeness and fulfillment. What begins as a simple
balancing technique can become a powerful tool for life

Author's Bio
Prem Nirmal,http://www.premnirmal.com/about.htm 
 a postgraduate in Cybernetics has done extensive research 
in the areas of Stress Management, Intuition development, 
Aura Reading and Meditation Therapy. He is the visiting faculty
 to various Management Institutes & professional keynote 
speaker for many social events. He has wide experience in 
Personal Counseling, Consultancy and Training and has 
deep insights in human behavior and body-mind healing.

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